Triathlon Sports Clinic

The Triathlon Sports Clinic’s main purpose is to refine swim technique to maximize efficiency and improve aerobic and muscular fitness/endurance.


At Swim4Sure we have created a unique service, incorporating 4k filming to capture high definition recordings above and below water. Using this method, swimmers can evaluate and enhance their swimming progression.

Our unique style of technique development, using 4k footage, offers poolside analysis and real-time, post-swim reflective analysis to allow the swimmer to self-correct, whilst working closely with Swim4Sure to develop a tailored training programme. This technique maximises performance and is recognised by world leading coaches, institutions and elite athletes in assisting athletes in the strive for performance excellence.

Swim4Sure also work alongside other Triathlon trainers and PT’s, specialising in cycling and land training, which support any person wanting to compete in triathlons from beginners to the advanced.

Session Fees

Technique Development

Developing efficiency in water

1 Hour


Go Pro Analysis 

Developing efficiency using 4k footage

1 Hour


Head Placement