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Water Wellness (Aquatic Therapy)

WATSU is a profoundly relaxing aquatic movement therapy, where the emphasis is upon stretching and freeing the body in a warm and comforting water environment.


The word WATSU derives from WATer ShiatSU. The technique is based upon Zen Shiatsu, and is an effective way of mobilizing “CHI”, the body’s life force, through the “meridians”, which in Oriental systems, are its paths of energy. This promotes healing at many levels.

Body-temperature water is an ideal medium for freeing energy. The lightness of the body in water allows the practitioner to float the receiver, to free the spinal vertebrae, to articulate joints and elongate muscles in ways that are not possible on land. These rhythmic and dance-like movements are performed in harmony with the breath to inspire the natural regeneration of mind, body and spirit.

Just some of the benefits from experiencing a Watsu session are a reduction in stress and anxiety, a decrease in pain and fatigue, an increased range of motion, improved circulation, an improvement in body awareness, decreased muscle guarding and tension, an increase in energy, a release of emotional stress, better breathing and sleep patterns and the release of toxins, for a totally cleansed body.

All our Watsu instructors are certified registered with WABA (the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association Registry).

Meditation by the Sea
Bridge over Waterfall
Ocean Rocks
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